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Behind The Creaking Door - Tales From The Dark


From the author of Black Tears and Mrs. Fields' Journal comes six tales of horror and suspense. 

1. The Last Flight Out tells the story of a young lady and elderly man on a plane ride to nowhere. 

2. The Monster's Not real follows two ladies filming a documentary on Big Cats in the African flat-lands. What they find, or what finds them, turns into a fight for survival. 

3. The Final Yes centers around a young girl and her blood thirsty friend. A creepy vampire tale. 

4. What happens when a serial killer gets trapped by the mother and brother of one of his victims? Find out in Going In Circles. 

5. Scout's Honor chronicles the courage of young men in the wilderness as they must face and fight an unrelenting force. 

6. What would you give to be loved, admired and wanted? One woman finds out in The Price of The Priestess

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