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It's 1987 and Sammie Wilson was eager to begin her career as a hairstylist. Her path to get there wasn't an easy one as she and her father suffered a terrible family tragedy along the way. They persevered. Sammie was considered the best of her class. Frankly, the best that instructor, Barbie Reynolds had ever seen. Sammie was a natural.

A couple of years prior, there were a few murders in the valley. At the center of them was a certain mysterious young woman who had quite the talent for cutting hair and throats. She was considered the best to ever wield a set of cutting shears until Sammie came along. The mystery woman would disappear from the valley for a little while. But, ultimately, she would return and learn of Sammie. This is the story of what happens when a past evil returns to claim her throne as the best beautician in the valley. There are a few secrets to reveal along the way. Crack open the book and read the tale of Signature, A Cut Above.

Signature, A Cut Above

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