2020 Finalist

Best Book Awards in the Horror category

I Know I Will Die In The Silence - The Burryman

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the name of my new brand Valleyboy Publications under Horror 421. The folks where I am from know exactly what 421 means to me. It is a stretch of road in South Carolina that runs through small town after small town with names like Langley, Bath, Clearwater, Burnettown, Warrenville and the town where I spent most of my childhood, Gloverville. There are so many good memories of this stretch of road. Going to the Minit Shop to pick up comic books or the L & M Cafe to grab some of the greasiest and best tasting burgers that you could ever put in your mouth. Having a best friend live right across from my Granny that would just come and go like she was my sister. This is much more than a brand to me. It is where I come from. It is my home. And the folks that live or lived there know exactly what I'm talking about.  Horror 421, Valleyboy Publications will be here for a while so get on the road with me and see where we end up. 



Great news for this local author. I Know I Will Die In The Silence - The Burryman was honored by being selected as a finalist in the Horror Category in 2020 for the Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. The story follows Scara Slayfield down an unrelenting path of guilt and silence. She knows the silence is coming for her because of the sins of her past. Scara takes a planned trip to South Queensferry, Scotland to quell the silence and refocus on her life. There, she becomes an active participant in the march of the Burryman - a local legend of a man covered in burrs that traverses the town of South Queensferry, the second Friday of every August so that people can place burrs upon him and offer him whiskey. The legend states the townsfolk that participate will have a good bounty and fortune will smile upon them.

Another, less popular aspect to the legend of the Burryman is that he is the scapegoat of the town. A figure that the folks can unload their sins upon and wipe their slates clean. Scara is faced with a choice. Face the silence or pay the price of the Burryman. Find out Scara's fate in I Know I Will Die In The Silence - The Burryman.

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