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Since we've launched the HORROR 421 - Valleyboy Publications brand it has been a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!


The latest release, Midnight Rider is keeping that train moving. It centers around a serial killer the press dubbed as the Midnight Rider...well, a copy cat killer. The original Midnight Rider was put down by Detective Jordan Sumner. The new killer has a personal vendetta against Detective Sumner and it quickly turns into a game of Cat & Mouse. The new killer has taken the moniker and has made it clear in no uncertain terms that a reckoning is coming for Detective Sumner. Will he be able to withstand the onslaught of carnage and stop the new killer? Find out in the pages of Midnight Rider! Order yours today (just go to the Book Store Tab).




More GREAT NEWS! We are launching a podcast in December. Alayna Morales, Special Effects Make Up Designer will join Charles Campbell in a weekly podcast beginning in December where they will discuss ALL THINGS HORROR  & MUCH MORE! 

There will be an array of topics as well as many different types of guests. There will be authors, musicians, a movie director, special effects make up genius (we already have one in Alayna but another will make a guest appearance) and hopefully, we can land a very special musician that Charles is working hard to get on the show! Stay tuned for show dates! Exciting Times!