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A Big Supporter!

"Wow, this is really good!"

"I really love the characters and how easy it is to relate to these people."

"Oh, dear. This language is a little much."

Well, that was the general reaction from a close relative. She started Mrs. Fields' Journal and got roped in very quickly. She kept on reading it and I warned her that that last quarter of the book was going to be rough. "Oh, I can handle it," she said...and she did. Turns out, she has been one of my biggest supporters; showing up at book signings and really being a great champion for this novel. We all know and love her as Nana. Thank you, Nana. We love you and you are in my top five fans. I've got an editor, a contributor and a co-worker that are in that mix but I won't tell you what order.

By the way, at a book signing that I attended at The Book Tavern in downtown Augusta on Halloween, I had the opportunity to meet two other local authors. Victoria Hardy, author of Rotten (a great little zombe novel) and Janis Ann Parks, author of Gravely Mistaken (Tales of Medicine, Mishaps, and Body Snatching in Augusta, GA).

I can't begin to tell you how much fun this was to write and if you read it, I want your feedback. Please submit your reviews at:!review/c1kcz or through Amazon.

I encourage those that haven't read this novel to go ahead and order the signed copy from the website or the ebook through Amazon.

I'm writing a not so nice collection of short stories that will be available in a volume entitled "Behind the Creaking Door: tales from the dark". Thanks, Buddy Wingard.


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