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What do I have to say? I have to say that I am loving this new found support through I absolutely love it. I'm meeting and befriending a few new readers there. Most of the reviews and ratings have been surprisingly good. Really good to me because they are from folks that I don't really know. It's also helped me guide some of those new readers to the works of my fellow writers and that makes me feel really good. It is something that seems to truly work as an old fashioned word of mouth campaign through new technology. It is so friggin' awesome. So, I'm growing my friends list on Goodreads. I'm growing the number of readers on Goodreads and I'm getting ratings! Ratings, I tell you! I was kind of late on the bus to this Goodreads thing so I have to thank fellow author, Bryce Gibson for turning me on to it (check out Perennials by the way, it's well worth the read).

We also have a new and very talented author on the scene. I was privileged to be a part of her debut book signing at The Book Tavern (David Hutchinson is the MAN!) in downtown Augusta, GA on July 1 and it was great to see her be the center of attention. That's how it should be. Echo LaVeaux was the draw while Victoria Hardy and myself were there for support. We didn't need to show her the ropes, she looked as if she knew exactly what she was doing and how to do it. And I met the awesome jazz musician, Bill Karp and his lovely wife, Nancy. They picked up a copy of Cinnamon Tea and I even got a picture of them holding the book.

Anyway, I'm happiest when I'm typing away at the keyboard, and that's the truth, just ask my wife. The day to day grind melts away as I let worlds escape my mind. I love all of the local talent we have here and that's not just for writers. We have great musicians (mentioned Bill already) like Chris Hardy and one of the best artists I've ever seen in Erica Pastecki. Along with a great champion of our work, the owner of the Book Tavern, David Baruch Hutchison - we are all forever grateful to you, sir.


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