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All I want for Christmas!

"What do you want for Christmas?"

As I sat down to write Black Tears at the beginning of 2014, I received my gift. It was something that gnawed at me in tiny little chunks for over twenty five years.

"How many opportunities have you missed to write stories?"

Stories that were dormant pushed into the recesses of my mind. Stories that were there just waiting for me to let them go.

Then, it happened. I was thinking about a time in the mid-eighties when I began writing a novel called "The Burning Light", catchy title, huh? It had a guy named Philip in it and some kind of monster and the tale started on a dark road called Baker Street. That's about all I can remember about the detail of the novel. I do remember writing and writing and writing - sometimes in a notepad to transfer via my electric typewiter. I began to remember the joy that it gave me to get lost in a world that was created in my mind. How fantastic!

So, there I was sitting in my recliner at home just thinking about how tired I was and what the next day's challenge at work would be when that itch came back.

"Hey Charlie...I got a story for you. I don't know if it's any good, but it's in here just waiting to get out. There's this little boy, you see...except, he's not a little boy any longer...and something terrible happened to him. Then he came back. You still interested?"

The answer was, "ABSOLUTELY!" And this started my journey back into writing and I've pretty much not stopped since.

I'm saying all of that, to say this. I got my Christmas present almost a year ago. The fire to write came back and with it came friends and family to motivate and encourage me. That, my friends is worth more than any words I can write.


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